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Birthdate:Sep 8
Location:United States of America

... is a writer, but far too shy and self-conscious about her writing to show any of it to anyone, especially family.
... adores grammar, the English language, proper spelling, and all that fun stuff.
... reads fanfiction and should probably post her rec lists someday, if only so she can find more people to fangirl the fantastic authors and stories with her.
... is the eldest of eight children.
... roleplays Misa Amane.
... is a TOTAL DISCWORLD FANGIRL OH MY GOSH, no matter how ashamed she is of being a silly fangirl, this series really sets her to flailing.
... as does the Harry Potter series!
... is a Christian, but particularly follows the 'LOVE EVERYONE!' message in the Bible, so if you're of another religion/sexual preference, I'm not going to get on your case. LIVE IN HARMONY, PEOPLE. :)
... is very politically-aware, very much a conservative, and perfectly willing to have a reasonable debate with someone who disagrees with her values.
... believes that the world would be a much better place if people were reasonable, so she tries to be extremely reasonable and logical.
... does not believe in global warming, and giggles madly every time Climategate is brought up. IT'S ABOUT TIME THIS SCAM WAS EXPOSED! xD
... loves the snark. MSTs, That Guy With the Glasses, Cleolinda's recaps, etc.
... is very nostalgic.
... loves the Pokémon games and the anime episodes with Misty in them.
... wants to be a children's librarian. Love of books+good with kids=perfect job, right?
... primarily created this account so that she could just check her flist instead of typing in all these individual URLs every morning. Also, her characters had an LJ and she didn't, which just wasn't fair.
... is studying to be a children's librarian, because she loves books and is good with kids, so it just makes sense.
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